it holds me together - Chapter 1 - lovestandromeda - Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms (2024)

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The lights are blurry


Her opens won’t open all the way

She hears Silena shout from the door of her room

“Jeez. Okay, okay I’m up now” Annabeth says loudly “What do you want Sil?”

Silena groans “It’s 6:05 Annabeth! We leave in 15”

“Oh my gods silena” Annabeth shouts

“Why didn’t you wake me up earlier?”

“I did! You wouldn’t get out of bed tho!”

“Oh, my gods silena” Annabeth moans “Can you at least make me something to eat?”

“let me guess, French toast” If Annabeth was more awake then should would have heard what silena murmured after that

Maybe something like “like always” or “you're go-to”
But it’s not her top priority right now.

“Yes, just let me get ready, okay? I love you!” Annabeth says hurriedly pushing Silena out of her room

“Love you too Annie!” Silena shouts back


Annabeth had 2 options today.

Wear the pink top


The blue top

And I mean the blue really brought out her eyes

Really no other reason why she chose it

Not to mess with any one's head or anything, especially not to mess with someone's who's name starts with p and ends with y and has a e and a r-

I think you get the point by now,

As Annabeth opens the car door she sees piper in the driver seat with silena on the other side of the back seat

If she looks up just a little bit more she can see a pile of stuff on the passenger seat, which, looks like hunks of nothing but Annabeth knows it's for this new thing they have to do for school

“You like my stuff, Annie?” piper asks “ me and Jason are for sure gonna win this year”

“Yea okay piper, most people don't even have a partner yet!” silena argues “ the project was just brought up yesterday”

“It doesn't even start officially till, like, next week right?”
Annabeth adds “ not all of use have a boy toy they can Just pick up on the spot”

“You have a boy toy ,Annabeth!” Piper shouts back

“Who’s my boy toy, piper” Annabeth asks loudly, and at that point she realizes she walked straight into it.

“Percy Jackson, that’s who” at first she thinks a busted fire hydrant said it, but she looks across too see it was actual silena

“ he is not my boy toy. in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever said a sentence to him that isn’t mean or yelling!” Annabeth defends

“Yeah whatever” piper and silena say at the same time

“ I promise you, you will somehow have to be friends with him, you can’t work with a girl on the project. You know that Annabeth” piper says with sadder look in her eyes

“I know, I know.”

“Just make the right choice okay? This project is a big grade” silena says going to tickle her

“I know, i know, okay!” Annabeth says laughing

“ come on girls, time to go look at some cute boys!” Piper says Turing around while getting out of the car to look at us

silena questions "what about her boy toy? what do you think he'll think if he ever heard that?"

'well never know" annabeth says


“She should have never worn that skirt with that shirt tho!” silena argues

“I thought it was cute tho, silena” annabeth reverses, “ in a way, it did match”

“Whatever, I have to get my books for class, 'll see you in mythology?” silena ask as if they've never done this before

“Do you even have to ask?”

“Just making sure,” silena says smiling

Now, it does suck having to spilt from your friends but Annabeth was dying to find someone for her project before everyone good was taken.

And I mean, with her looks she could easily find someone


Anyone other than Perseus Jackson.

“Oh my gods,” Annabeth says under her breath

“Hate me that much?” Percy asks going up to his locker,which just so happened to have to be right next to Annabeths

“What is there to like about you, persus? I think most people are your friends because they want your mother's pie.”

“ hey, that's mean!” he says with furrowed eyebrows “I get girls on the daily. Maybe if you looked at me more ”

Annabeth stares at him with a straight face “I don't think I could look at you for more than 20 seconds,”
she says turning back to her locker

“You love me”

“I love your mom more,” she bickers back, ”in fact, I might come over to your house just to see her,”
she says raising her eyebrows

“You can come whenever you want ,Annabeth” Percy whispers with a smirk

“That disgusting Percy!” annabeth shouts, pushing Percy a couple steps away from her

“So dirty minded annie, it's all good fun”

“Jeez , Percy. What will make you shut up just for a little bit!” annabeth questions

“ be my partner for the project, annabeth”


it holds me together - Chapter 1 - lovestandromeda - Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms (2024)
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