Jen Aniston Honors Adam Sandler as Icon at 2024 People’s Choice Awards (2024)

Jen Aniston Honors Adam Sandler as Icon at 2024 People’s Choice Awards (1)

Adam Sandler received a top honor at the 2024 People’s Choice Awards in celebration of his impressive comedy and film career, and Jennifer Aniston was there to present him with the honor.

The actor, 57, was the recipient of the People’s Icon Award at the ceremony, which was held at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California, on Sunday, February 18.

“Being his friend has been one of the great joys of my life,” Aniston said. “I’m proud to honor him tonight and I’d happily keep honoring him for decades and decades to come because he deserves all the love in the world, all right? Come on, it’s the Sandman!”

As Sandler took the stage, he thanked the Morning Show star. “First of all, Aniston, I love you so much, and I know you don’t love doing stuff like this. You’re OK?” he asked.

“I just get nervous!” Aniston replied, assuring him she was fine.

“This is going to be a little humiliating,” Sandler said. “I know you should prepare a speech for a big night like this. I had one prepared. So when my agent called me and told me I won the People’s Choice Icon Award, I was driving and had him on speakerphone and I was also eating Frosted Flakes. And I didn’t hear — I think I misheard him. I thought he said, ‘Congratulations Adam, you won the People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive.’ So anyway, I wrote a speech for that.”

Sandler went through and claimed he was not surprised to receive the honor. “I have to admit, three words keep popping into my head right now: about friggin’ time,” he quipped. “For decades, Adam Sandler has been waiting patiently on the sexy bench with his legs wide open, radiating sensuality, finger-licking desirability and a slight him of man bulge, tastefully displayed for his, her or they’s pleasure. But now that this award has finally been bestowed upon me, it will sit proudly on my nightstand where it will witness many feats of gymnastics performed gently on my fine as hell wife Jaquelina.”

While he spent most of his time on stage fully committed to the bit, Sandler wanted to end on a sincere note to his loved ones. “I do want to say something real tonight to everybody. Thanks to all the people who’ve worked hard on the movies — Aniston, you’re one of them,” he said. “My friends for being such a huge part of all we do. My family for always making me feel loved. … My daughters, Sadie and Sunshine, not a minute goes by without me thinking of you and how much I love you and how awesome I think you are. You’re my best friends. And my darling wife Jackie, you are my partner for life. I love every car ride and every kiss we’ve ever had. Forever and ever my girl.”

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Stars including Rachel Zegler, America Ferrera and the Grey’s Anatomy cast were among the stars seen cracking up during Sandler’s speech.

In January, NBC, Peaco*ck and E! announced that Sandler had earned the award. “Adam Sandler has been a fixture in the industry for decades, entertaining us since he got his start on Saturday Night Live more than 30 years ago,” Jen Neal, an executive vice president at NBCUniversal Entertainment, said in a statement at the time. “From Billy Madison to Mr. Deeds, his unforgettable characters have endured the test of time and left their mark on audiences for generations. We’re excited to honor him with this year’s People’s Icon Award.”

The People’s Choice Awards have been selecting a People’s Icon since 2018, with Melissa McCarthy receiving the inaugural honor. Since then, winners have includedAniston in 2019, Jennifer Lopez in 2020, Halle Berry in 2021 and Ryan Reynolds in 2022.

Sandler was on hand in November 2019 to present Aniston, 55, with her People’s Icon Award. In his speech, he introduced his Murder Mystery costar and friend as “an incredible, caring role model with the biggest heart,” adding, “She’s exactly the way you think she is, everybody.”

Sunday was not the first time Sandler was recognized by the People’s Choice Awards.

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Of the nine trophies he’s previously earned, four were for Favorite Comedic Movie Actor from 2012 to 2015. He also won Favorite Actor in a Comedy Motion Picture for Big Daddy in 2000, Favorite On-Screen Match-Up with Drew Barrymore for 50 First Dates in 2005, Favorite Funny Male Star in 2009, Favorite Comedic Star in 2011 and The Comedy Movie Star of 2022 for Hustle. This year, he was nominated for The Comedy Movie Star of the Year for You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah.

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More recently, Sandler has generated awards season buzz for his roles in 2019’s Uncut Gems and 2022’s Hustle, though he emphasized that collecting accolades was never his intention.

“I didn’t come out to California when I was young to get Oscars,” he explained on CBS Sunday Morning in November 2022. “I’m not expecting it. I don’t sit and watch my performance and go, ‘I’m riveting, man. How the hell did I do that?’ I’m just proud of it. And if, if any of that stuff happens, that would be great. If it doesn’t happen, still, everything’s been pretty damn good.”

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