Nico's everlasting oath - Chapter 4 - Lyulf101 - Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms (2024)

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He looked up and gazed around the room. The rest of the demigods looked at him pity written clear as day on their features, Hazel looked on the edge of tears. Next to Nico Reyna’s expression had hardened back into that of a soldier it wasn’t until he felt her steady hand on his shoulder that he realized had begun to fall back into the shadows. He paused and took a breath as he solidified again.

Reyna, tone solemn, was the first to break the silence. “It is settled then, Nico shall lead a quest to find Jackson.”

“Why Nico though?” Hazel spoke up sounding distraught. “Why can't any of us just find peace?”

Piper spoke up, “The Fates have their reasons, I am sure. However, I agree with Hazel, why another prophecy so soon after the war?”

A sudden cough drew the attention of all the demigods as Rachel sat up straighter. Voice slightly hoarse, she spoke, “I think there are more layers involved than what we are currently aware of. I can feel deep down there is another force at play, monster or god I am not sure but it is neither malicious nor benevolent. It’s as though it just is, following its own agenda regardless of how it hurts or helps people.”

She paused to take a breath before she continued. “One thing is clear as Reyna said Nico must lead a quest to find Percy and to do so he must face his fear worse than death. Why Nico? That I do not know.”

“So all I have to do is find someone who doesn't want to be found, face something that I fear worse than death and deal with some entity of godlike power who remains unidentified. Sounds like a breeze.” Nico’s hand moved to his skull ring and started to twist it as he looked around.

He had a pretty good idea of why it was him the Fates had chosen but if he was right then the three sisters were crueler than he had given them credit for. He was stuck on a quest to save Percy, the same Percy who he was stuck never being able to confess his feelings to lest those beautiful eyes go from joyful to laced with disgust. The Fates are known to be cruel more often than kind and Nico only had himself to blame for his feelings.

“You can do it hermanito, you are stronger than you think.” Reyna replied.

He turned to face Reyna and began to speak in a hushed tone, “That is not even my biggest worry.”

Reyna to her credit caught on immediately and replied equally hushed “They would understand Nico, you could tell them. I will be by your side.”

“I cant Reyna what if-, what if they don’t” His head spun as every possible worst case scenario ran through his head.

“I hate to interrupt guys,” Annabeth said looking worried, “but we need a plan.”

Piper stood in the background a thoughtful look on her face when suddenly she spoke up. “We could find Himeros? After all Percy left because Annabeth no longer had feelings for him.”

“Hime-who-now?” Replied Thalia replied with confusion.

Annabeth sighed and stood up, “I think your right Piper Himeros could be a good lead.” Looking around the room she sighed again. “Himeros? One of the Erotes, the love gods? As in the winged love dieties. Nico you met Eros didn’t you? Think Eros but just for unrequited love”

From the corner of his eye he saw Reyna let out an almost imperceptable wince.

“Of course” Nico muttered “Just my luck”

He once again felt the shadows had begun to pull at him but he shook them off. He spoke louder so he could be heard and he spoke directly to Annabeth. “Are there any other leads we could try? I had a run in with Eros in Split and I do not wish to deal with him again. It was unpleasant to say the least.”

“Don’t worry you wont have to go anywhere near Croatia” Annabeth said, ignoring his concerns. “Find Himeros and you could might find Percy.”

“Okay so I have an objective” Nico said resigned to his fate. “Who should I take with me?”

“I think Annabeth and I should go.” Piper said “I mean Annabeth knows Percy best out of all of us and Himeros is one of my mothers retinue in olympus. That may hopefully give us some bargaining power.”

“I agree with Piper. I think we would be the most logical choice.”

“Okay then. If that's what you want. What-”

“Great then that's settled. Piper, Nico let's meet on the hill once we have packed for the quest. Piper, you can ask your siblings if they know where Himeros might be?” With that Annabeth jumped up and walked out of the room.

“Sorry about her Nico. I will talk to her its your quest you should be making the plans.” Piper scrambled up and started to follow Annabeth.

“Piper,” She stopped and looked back at Nico. “It's okay according to the prophecy I will have to lead at somepoint so honestly if Annabeth wants to take the lead let her.”

“Oh? If you are sure?” Piper turned and left.

“Are you okay hermanito?” Reyna asked in a soft voice.

“Yeah, Nico are you okay?” Said Hazel.

He looked around and realised they were the only three left in the room. “I will be its just what in Tartarus’s name do the Fates have against me those bloody weavers.”

“What do you mean?” Said Hazel confused while Reyna had a grim expression that showed she understood the gravity of his statement.

“It’s just that me having to lead a quest to find Percy when he is-” He paused and stopped afraid to continue. Reyna looked at him encouragingly but inside the voices of his past screamed at him. “Dirty”, “Foul freak of nature”, “Unholy sinner” He shook his head to get rid of the memories of his youth.

“What is he?” Hazel only looked more confused now and she seemed worried for Nico.

“Nothing, he’s nothing, it doesn’t matter it’s fine.” He sighed and pulled away. “I’ve got to pack I will be fine. Don’t worry about me.” With that he stepped through the door of the Big House and set off for cabin 13.

Nico's everlasting oath - Chapter 4 - Lyulf101 - Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms (2024)
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