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“Niran! Are you serious?!”

”I just don't see the big deal.” He said as he boarded the Overwatch ship.

Niran takes a deep breath and sits down gently on the right side of the ship, You crash your armor and weapons down near the doors and sit down next to Lifeweaver, leaving about a foot in between the two of you. a D.VA poster hanging right above your head. As the other agents begin to board the ship, You call over Tracer and Brigitte to get a second opinion.

”Lena, Brig can I ask you guys something real quick?”

Tracer nods her head and appears in front of you in a bright blue light, fast enough to almost make you dizzy. Brig smiles and walks over to the three of you. Barely towering over Tracer.

“Hey-O!” Tracer exclaims in her cheery-British self, rocking back from the heels of her feet to her toes, her ability to stay still lacking.

”Whats up?” Brigitte says as her usually greeting turned question.

”You guys have seen Mean Girls, right?” You look at both of them, desperation evident in your eyes.

“Yeah! I saw it a couple’la years ago. Watched it with Emily, a real oldie but a goodie!”

Tracer says as she throws herself right beside you in a crisscross position with her legs up, still rocking back and forth.

”Finally someone who has some culture.” You raise your eyebrows as the groups focus trails to a not very confident Brigitte.

”I don’t think I have heard of Mean Girls. It’s a movie…right?”

You crouch over almost in a fetal position, eyes widening as you drop your face into your hands, not even trying to hide your disappointment.

“Sorry…” Brig quietly mumbles taking her hand and placing it on her elbow in reassurance.

Tracer pats the spot on the seat next to her with a warm but un-confident smile. Brig calmy slides in next to Lena, tucking fly-aways behind her ears.

“You guys are telling me you both have never heard of this movie?” You say looking between an ashamed Brig and Lifeweaver. “I mean it was a cultural reset when it came out! I know it’s a little old-“

”I think it’s almost been a century…” The Brit says under her breath, her fingers rubbing her chin as she pretends to be thinking deeply.

”But it still has its modern day values!” You cry out trying to salvage any image of the movie you have left to your friends.

“Oh come on, N̂ả p̄hụ̂ng. Don’t sulk now…” Lifeweaver whisper his kind words as he places a warm hand on your upper back, gently rubbing with his thumb.

Your face and cheeks became hot at his word choice. You weren’t fluent in Thai, but you had picked some up from using context clues and a little bit of help from Symmetra. The perfectionist had known him a bit longer than you did from their shared years at the academy. So when you came to her asking door asking what ‘N̂ả p̄hụ̂ng’ had meant, she gave you the simple answer of ‘honey’. Followed by questioning why you had woken her up so late at night.

It was obvious you had lost nights of sleep just thinking about Lifeweaver and many more overthinking about his every little word. You had tried to squish this little crush of yours. To keep his and yours relationship strictly a platonic. But it really didn’t help when he walked around all of base with his perfect white hair tied up in a loose bun with his rose colored v-neck sweater. And possibly the tightest grey sweatpants money could buy.

“Why don’t we see this movie for ourselves, hmm?” Lifeweaver spoke urging your whole body to shoot up by his offer.

You stared at him for a longer than a second, your eyes filled with hope. With the opportunity, you took a moment to study his face. The tiredness from all of the fighting on the battle field had shown up through his dark half-open eyes. His dark eyes contrasted with his white hair that was usually kept neat on top of his head had now become a slight mess, pieces sticking out in every possible direction. Some pieces sticking to his forehead, another symptom of all the fighting. You were tempted to reach out with your fingers and delicately fix every strand of hair. You tightly made a fist at the side of your body, trying your best to control your urge.

You finally snapped out of your obsession when you watched Lifeweaver’s expression change. His perfect eyebrows furrowed, not in anger but confusion. Your face, once again began heating up uncontrollably, you choked on your own words trying to get them out.

Everyone in the small groups eyes were on you now, as Lena and Brig began exchanging looks with small smirks. Quiet giggles filled your corner of the ship.

You leaned back avoiding any sort of eye contact with your eyes glued to the floor.

”I-Yeah. How about In- In my room?”

You said without a second thought.

I mean, you knew Reinhardt had gotten a dozen pack of popcorn to have, in his words, “The ultimate Overwatch movie night!” But he couldn’t get anybody in the base to watch any type of movies with him. Except for Ana, of course. You had never seen not beside Rein. But you heard she had just fallen asleep after half a popcorn bucket thirty minutes into the movie.

You also remembered that you bought a whole liter of soda one night to down by yourself after a particularly bad mission. But you never ended up drinking the soda, So it was just sitting in your mini fridge, sad.

Tracer lets out a quiet giggle. “Sounds lovely. But I've promised Em’ I would call her later.”

Tracer grins widely hiding her hands behind her back as she lightly kick Brigs leg.

“Uh, I could probably pop by to your room later.” Brig says with a smile and nod as Tracer literally kicks her out of her daze.

“Ill be there.” Lifeweaver said with a warm smile.

Then you realized what you had put yourself up to.

Lifeweaver? Niran? Niran! He’s going to be in your room with you?! You had to quickly remind yourself that it wasn’t going to be just the two of you in there. Brigitte was going to be with you. You exhaled a deep breath you didn’t even know you were holding in.

You had never went out of your way to try and talk to Lifeweaver by himself. You would definitely love too though. You could talk too him for hours, and he probably would never interrupt you once. He would be such a great listener, listening to your every little word. And he must have some good stories on his own, considering the bounty on his head in 17 states.

You looked up to meet eyes with Brig. She flashed you a small smile from over Tracers head that you took to heart and flashes a smile back. You entrusted Brig with everything you had. In your head, Brig was going to be the glue that will hold the entire night together.

You exhaled another deep breath, most of the nervousness leaving your body, knowing that the night was going to be under control with Brigitte around.

”Brigitte, please. I need you here tonight.” You cried out into the phone, hugging it nervously as you crawled up in your beds covers.

“Yeah, I know. Im so, so sorry- Shes so sorry!” you hear Tracer yell desperately as she interrupts Brig from the background of the call. You bring your knees up to your chest hugging them tight, scared of what might happen if you let go of your body.

“I just don’t understand the big deal of me not showing up.” Brigitte says.

”Oh, well, I-Um. I…um…”

”Im sorry I can’t make it tonight. Ana is sending me on a last-minute mission, she says it wont take long. We’ll be back by tomorrow morning. Is that fine?”

“Oh, okay. Thats, fine. I guess.”

“At least you have Lifeweaver to keep you company tonight?” Brig says unsure of her own assurance.

“Well, um its kind of, about that.” You say barely whispering into the phone.

”I KNEW IT!” You hear Tracer yell and lightly laugh over the phone, almost making you go deaf.

You dig your face into your pillows, embarrassed you try to hide from the world.

Brigitte speaks up again. “If it makes you feel better, we kinda already knew…”

You let out a loud groan into the pillow, obvious its not making you feel any better.

“Hey…you still have a hour until Niran’s coming over. Just try and calm down, alright? No matter what happens during the movie, do not overthink it, okay. Me and Trace are rooting for you!”

As much as you didn’t wanna admit it, Brigs speech had helped a little bit, it inspired you into almost not shriveling up into a ball and crying for the rest of the night.

”You’ve got this, luv!” Tracer says in her weirdly motivational cheery voice.

“Thank you guys. Really.”

“Yeah, and don’t forget dear, we wanna hear everything when we get back! Don’t leave anything out.” Tracer says with obvious intentions.

”Don’t be gross!” Brig says as you hear her reprimand Tracer for her words.

”Yeah, yeah.” You say with hand up to your forehead.

”Well, I have to go,” Brig says.

“good luck!” Tracer and Brig say in unison as the call end sound beeped in your ears.

Brigitte was right. You had nothing to worry about. You still have time before Lifeweaver arrives. You look around the room. You couldn’t lie, it was quite a mess, a landfill of dirty clothes sitting in one of the corners, a over-filled trashcan in another corner, and then you. You thought for a second and decided you needed a shower.

After you got out of the shower, you changed into a fresh pair of pajamas. And tidied up the room. You emptied out the trash and put your dirty clothes away in a hamper in the bathroom, out of site.

As you were placing the popcorn in the microwave, you hear three light knocks on the door.

”N̂ả p̄hụ̂ng…” Your whole body freezes as you hear his voice.

“its me. Niran.” You hear a muffled voice say from the other side of the door. Even through the walls, you can hear the smile he has on through his voice.

”Oh! coming.” You say trying your hardest not to sound desperate as you quickly start the microwave and run over to the door.

Your whole body comes to a halt at you come face to face with the door. The nerves take over your body, you cant help but hope deep down that as you turn the doorknob, Brig and Lena will appear in front of you. Laughing in your face.

As the door swings open, you’re greeted by a joyous looking Lifeweaver with an affectionate smile on his face.

“Niran! Hey…thanks for coming.” You say as you move out the doorway to let him in.

”No dear, thank you for inviting me.” Lifeweaver says with a wink. Your face almost melts off as you try and hold up a smile to cover yourself.

“I-uhm.” Lifeweaver’s head tilts slightly as his thick eyebrows knit over his dark brown eyes.” “Come in! Come in!”

Lifeweaver gently smiles as your bodies softly brushing against each other as he walks past you and onto your bed.

You swiftly move and shut the door behind him. You hold onto the wall and let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding.

God, you had been dreading this all night. You turn around to face Lifeweaver with your most appreciative smile. And as if he had been reading your diary, he came with the outfit on that gets your whole body hot for him, even after seeing just a glance. The rose sweater wrapped tight around his shoulders giving him the perfect silhouette. The v-neck exposing his collar bone so teasingly, it made you want to see more.

“Dear…” Lifeweaver spoke up in a soft voice. His words shaking you out of your trance.

You regained your composure and dragged your eyes up from his body and to his face. His facial expression seemed smug. You couldn’t quite tell what was going on behind his perfect face but you knew he had caught you staring at him.

Lifeweaver was sat on your bed elegantly as the microwave started beeping. Alerting you to the popcorns presence.

”Oh, one second.” You say as you rush over and grab a pre-prepared popcorn bucket and dump all of the fresh popcorn.

”Can you turn the tv on and start the movie, please?” You say not facing Niran as you throw away the brown bag away into the trash can.

”Of course. And, where is Brigitte? I thought she would be arriving.” Lifeweaverasked.

“Brig got sent off to a mission. I feel bad. So late at night.” You turn around distracted as you’re already shoving handfuls of popcorn into your mouth.

“Looks like its only going to be us tonight…” You look up to Lifeweaver who in the meantime had been busy laying on his side out on top your bed. His sweater, also riled up a bit. Revealing some of his skin, that made your lips water softly.

“Y-Yeah, looks like it.” You say gulping hard. You shut off the lights, the screen of the tv being the only thing illuminating the room, and crawl up to Lifeweaver, placing the bucket in between the two of you.

The movie credits end as they reveal the main character and the plot.

Almost an hour had passed and the movie went on silently, but not without some occasional banter and small comments. The tension hadn’t been that akward for you, since Niran had been completely ignoring the atmosphere at all and instead focused on the movie.

”I can tell why you were surprised I hadn’t seen this movie before. It reminds me a lot like how Satya would act back in the days.” Lifeweaver smiled with his eyes glued to the screen.

”I knew you’d like it…” You say mumbling under your breath as you shove more popcorn in your mouth.

”What was that, hun?” Lifeweaver sat back up, his elbows placed on his knees with hands cupping his cheeks. On his face he had a sultry expression with slightly raised eyebrows.

”I said, do you want soda?” You quickly cover up as u get up from your spot on the bed.

Lifeweaver takes a second to smile before talking. Looking up at you from his own place.

“That would be lovely.”

You smile back and make your way to the mini-fridge in the corner of your room and dug out a liter of soda. You also managed to grab two cups on your way back .

”And here you go! Sorry, this is the only drink I had-“


There he was. In the opposite corner of your room, illuminated by a light blue light, Niran had been completely knocked out cold. His arms wrapped around his waist softly and had his face dug deep into your pillow.


You place down the soda and a cup and pour yourself a drink. With a hand on your hip, you take a light sip and sigh with a smile on your face as you look at him comfortably asleep on your bed. You fought the urge to crawl next and cuddle up next to him.

You place your drink down again on your bedside table and grab the remote from your bed, careful of waking him up. You shutoff the tv and with what little light you have left in the room, store away the drinks and popcorn.

You grab a couple extra pillows and a blankets and throw some on the floor next to your own bed that Niran was asleep in. You place a blanket on Lifeweaver gently. You lie down and try your best to fall asleep. You were supported by the sound of Nirans soft breathing which lulled you into a deep sleep.

You cough and clear your throat quietly. Seemed like popcorn and soda wasn’t the best at keeping someone hydrated for long. You slowly get up and take a sip of soda from your cup from the bed-stand, again trying to not alarm Lifeweaver. When you thought you had gotten away undetected, you feel a loose tug on your lower shirt followed by a needy hum.

You nearly spit the soda out on the wall. You quickly place the cup back down and wipe your lips with the back of your hand.

”Im so sorry. I didn’t m-mean to wake you up. Ill just go back to sleep” You whisper apologetically as you slowly shrivel back down to the floor to presume your rest. Before you can sink back to the ground, you get interrupted again.

“Please.” Lifeweaver spills out from his lips. You stare into his half open eyes as you become confused. “Please.” what could he need from you at this time. You look at the bed side table, and stare at the cup left out. Maybe he needed a drink like you.

“Please…I need you.”

Your eyes go wide as your face burns a dark red. You silently thank the darkness in the room covering your face as you force words to leave your mouth.

”Huh?” You whisper shout confused but also intrigued in what he was saying.

”I don’t think I heard you right.” You say, as your head turns to the side slightly.

”Come here.” Lifeweaver says as his arms reach out and wrap around your waist tightly and pulls you into the bed with him.

“Niran…” You whisper. You don’t fight his touch as he pulls you in next to him.

You lay down in front of him as his arms stay firm around your waist and his face gets nuzzled into the crook of your neck.

You felt as if you had hit your head. Your bodies were so close and touching, it set your skin alight.

With one hand, he pulls the blanket over the two of you up to your waists.

”You know, I had…always liked you. And recently my feelings…have become more intense.” Lifeweaver says at almost a talking level.

”I didn’t know how to tell you, I didn’t know if you would like me back…hell no I didn’t even know if i should tell you.”

You flip over turning to face Nirans half open eyes and small grin.

”But tonight I got the sneaking suspicion that you have these same feeling for me too…” Lifeweaver says his words turning into teasing whispers as his arms move up from your waist to cup your face with hus thumbs resting on your cheeks.

“Shut up.” You huff elbowing him gently as he giggles in response.

“But, Yeah- I have had my own feelings for awhile now.”

”Glad the feelings mutual.” You say before you both burst out into af fit of laughter in eachothers arms.

You both had liked one another for a while and being able to get these emotions out and have the be reciprocated had been a heavy weight lifted off your shoulders.

For a moment you both lay there, staring into each other’s eyes, milking the moment with smiles on your faces. Without thinking you pull in Nirans face close to your own and leave a small peck on his lips. You pull away to stare back at his surprised and somewhat flustered face. You become embarrassed and think you may have pushed it too far and open your mouth to begin profusely spilling apologies before you’re quickly shut up being pulled back in by Lifeweavers own lips connecting to yours. This time there was no bashfulness and was a lot more passionate. Your legs became entangled as the kiss went on with no sign of stopping. By this point, Niran had some how ended up on top of you, his torso barely hovering over yours as your arms wrap around his waist loosely.

He abruptly pulls away leaving your lips feeling lonely. You both catch up on your missed air panting heavily as Niran hovers over you with a mischievous smirk, he licks his bottom lip as he begins to speak in between pants:

”Thats…for another time…thī̀rạk…”

overwatch oneshots - Chapter 1 - dlgest (2024)
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