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"Oh, you know?" Mader asked curiously.

"Guess, if you guessed it well," Allens said, his eyes were very determined.

"Then I will wait and see, your eyes have always been good." Mad is very curious, after all, there are not many people who want to enter his friend's eyes.

The top ten designers are also going to take the stage, which naturally includes winning the championship. Curious and uncomfortable.

There are not many words in Mo Li. Similar to this kind of canvassing behavior, she does not want to do it. A good work is not a mouthful. It is good for everyone to see it. However, Gu Yiyi was the last of the top ten, but he was not reconciled, so the first one came out and said.

"My work is No. 10. I have been adhering to the many opinions of Master Master. I joined this work. I think I am still very satisfied. When the teacher teaches the teacher and sister, he said that a good work lies. It is its soul, my wedding dress, the theme is Dongsheng, which represents hope, so..."

Gu Yiyi said a lot of people carrying the official. However, everyone only heard a wonderful white, which naturally included the heart of Mo Li.

Oh, she didn't know when she had a master and a sister, and she still had a martial art to make a martial arts novel. This Gu Yiyi really dared to say.

However, she did not think of her alone, but also Xu Qingman next to her and Allenz under the stage, one as a girlfriend and one as a broker, in which the straight is still clear.

"Heart, this person is really shameless. What do you have a master? She also claims to be your sister. I don't know if the Lord is here. But she is not afraid, although you are low-key, you can speak. Still, she is not afraid to be dismantled?" Xu Qingman said, more and more depressed Gu Yiyi, but also more doubtful Gu Yiyi's actions, obviously, she has no brains to do this.

Allen's under the stage really evokes the corner of her mouth. She wants to see this good show. Although she has never seen this wonderful person, she still knows the situation. There is no master, but sister, but She said that her design style is a bit like a wonderful white, so she looks at the first place with a meaningful meaning. When she sees the work, he will be sure, that is, the white, this technique, this The style is exactly the same. When the real person comes out, he is shocked. He thought it was a man or a woman who was at least 30 years old. He didn't expect such a young and beautiful girl.

The judges under the stage were also a bit sensation. Miaobai was one of the pre-selected judges at least, at least because it was too low-key, and did not come. They were very sorry. I didn’t expect to come out with such a wonderful teacher, but this sister. The difference is not a little bit. If anyone is better than the best, it may be the first place. No matter how you look at it, their style should be more like some. Although both of them are in the top ten, one is the first. One, the last one, the difference is more than 300 points, this is not a little bit of difference.

However, Gu Yiyi moved out of the wonderful white. There are indeed many judges who have re-examined the work to see if they have scored the wrong score.

Gu Yiyi is also enjoying this kind of vision. I also quite proudly looked at the heart of Mo Li. The reason why she said so vowed, moved Miaobai out, not afraid of being exposed, but also inadvertently got the gossip, saying that Miaobai refused to serve as a judge, so in her opinion, this Baisha feast will not come. Anyway, the fragment of Baisha’s banquet released by the media is only the catwalk and the final ranking. Naturally, there will be no such paragraph she said. Like such a low-key person, she may not know who she is, so she is so blatant. Raising the banner, fake and prestige, although I thought so, I was still a bit embarrassed. She did not say it in so many people's occasions, but she was not willing to see the first place is Mo Lixin. So I will talk about it regardless of it.

Mo Lixin didn’t want to say anything on so many people’s occasions, but it’s about her own identity. If she doesn’t say it now, she might be blamed for nothing if she’s broken out, so she’s finally ready to explain. By the way, the lie of Gu Yiyi was dismantled. Anyway, their Liangzi had already been formed, and they would not care about it. When they were preparing to speak, some people came out under the stage.

This person is Ellens.

"As far as I know, Miaobai does not seem to have a master, the sister of the sister, I don't know what the lady on the stage said," said Allens Wen.

Mo Li looked for this voice to look down to the stage, and looked at the tacit understanding of the man. My heart is clear, probably this person is Ellens. When I was on the phone, I said that I would come. She thought that I would see it later. I didn’t expect it to come. The second row is not something anyone can sit on.

Ji Nanfeng’s gaze has always been paying attention to Mo Lixin’s heart. Her reaction was naturally seen, so she found her wife’s attention turned to a strange man, and she was still uncomfortable. In particular, her eyes were still unclear. . Suddenly felt that it was not a taste.

At this time, Gu Yiyi, who was suddenly questioned, suddenly had a bad premonition. It would not be so clever, so low-key white, there are people who know here.

"That... that... I don't know much about it, I and... I and her agent, Ellens, also know."

It’s not a matter of words. It’s probably like lifting a rock and rubbing your own feet.

Allen, who was under the stage, smiled, and the people around him understood the laughter.

The person who spoke was Ellens, but the people on the stage said that they knew each other. They could see Ellens himself. They have nothing to do with each other.

The background of Allen's family has a face in the B country. I don't have any great ambitions. I am always sultry, eating and drinking. Only the talents in this circle know that the only thing to do is to have it. The potential wedding designer is a broker, and there are more than 10 outstanding designers under her. Among them, Miaobai is the latest one and the most famous one.

To say why this Allen is going to do such a wonderful job, he has to start from his sister, Ellensa, the dream of being a big wedding designer is to be a wedding designer. On the other hand, my brother was kidnapped by the family's enemies, and my sister came forward. In that world, unfortunately, both hands were cracked together, and the dream of designing a wedding dress was also destroyed. Soon after, I found out that there was a heart attack, and suddenly died soon. Before he died, the only regret he told his brother was that he did not design a wedding dress that he liked.

It seems that the story is outrageous, but in the end there is a purple scorpion and only the parties are clear.

Gu Yiyi did not think that Ellens, who spoke by himself, was the one with her theory. When she exposed the lie, she was still not credible.

"How... How could it be... Sir, are you mistaken, or my sister did not tell you everything about her?" Gu Yiyi said that he would defend himself.

The people who watched the lively under the stage also thought about it. Allen couldn't lie. But the girl who looks like a delicate **** the stage doesn't seem to be lying. She is guessing whether there is any misunderstanding in the middle.

"Then I don't know." Ellens smiled.

Gu Yiyi thought that he was really judged by himself. It was Miaobai who did not make the situation clear.

"Mr., I must have misunderstood, the teacher and the sister have few words, and I don't really like to deal with people. I may have forgotten to tell you that I still have a teacher and a sister." Gu Yiyi slowly calmed down, seemingly suddenly understands.

"Is that the case? Wonderful?" Alans looked at the Mo Li heart on the stage and said that everyone followed her eyes and looked at it. The reaction was a glimpse.

Ji Nanfeng looked at his wife and children and a strange man's silent communication, more and more unhappy, but did not interrupt.

Mo Li knew that this thing could not be avoided, so he said: "I really don't have a master, or a sister."

The insiders who know the meaning of Miaobai are a bit worried, and they have been able to understand for a long time. The winner of this championship is the mysterious white. It’s no wonder that the design style of the two was also said before. So similar.

The judges who know some insiders are even more amazed. This person is different. The judges don't do it, they do the players, and sure enough, most of them are from strange people.

Compared with the amazement of most people, Gu Yiyi and Xie Jingjing of the audience are somewhat unbelievable. They can't think of what they think, and they brag about the people for a long time. The result is just ahead. This is a face.

A true banquet of Baisha, a perfect curtain call, it seems that nothing has happened. Except for some of the top ten directly hit the countdown, it is actually good to say Gu Yiyi’s works, but it is worse. The character is too bad.

Out of the show, it was already past 5 pm, and there was a final dinner reception at 8 pm. Mo Li heart went to the background to pack it up, and took Xu Qing back to the hotel, of course, there is Ji Nanfeng.

Because Mo Li lived in a suite, it was not convenient, so he opened a room and Mo Lixin moved together.

At this time, Ji Nanfeng sat on the sofa, surrounded by his hands, a pair of you do not come to provoke my expression.

"I was wrong when I was yelling at you, but I don't think it is important to you, so I didn't say it, don't be angry," Mo Li's heart is very close to the dog's legs. Said pitifully.

Ji Nanfeng still ignores him. Where is he anger, he does not tell her another identity, he is angry that his wife and children actually privately and personally called the little white face of Allens.

"Hey! Don't be so angry! I apologize." Mo Lixin said for a long time, but he didn't see a man saying a word, he was a little angry, and he whispered.

Ji Nanfeng saw the face of Mo Li’s heart, and he was helpless. He couldn’t fight, he couldn’t, and he couldn’t really be angry. The one who made this wrong was himself. It’s good, and he’s still not angry. I am tempering again, but what can I do? I can only swear by you, who makes this a wife.

The author has something to say: Mo Yan: You don't know that there is a female aura in the world? Gu Yiyi, did not advise you to be kind.

Gu Yiyi: The supporting role is bitter, and the next generation must turn over the serf to be the landlord.

Read MTL - Sweet Husband Pampers His Wife - Chapter 37 Lift a rock and lick your own feet - NovelBuddy (2024)
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